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2022-01-22 00:32:21 (UTC)


And we say is there anything I can do but really it’s the way my knees look with my thighs being this big. It’s the way I have so much hair and the only way to cope with it is to embrace masculinity instead. And I can’t embrace masculinity if my thighs are this is thick. I couldn’t even be looked at as an attractive guy, I feel more monstrous than that. My knees and and my ankles look like they bend wrong. My thighs are too “feminine” so they contrast with my too “masculine” amount of body hair that even spreads to my face, shaved a bit of that, I’m sure it’ll come back soon enough.

But it’s not as though my face is that feminine anyway. So it’s the thought that maybe if I lose the fat and softened quality of my body, everything would look more normal. Maybe if my body type were thinner, it would distract from it all. So 24 hours without food is something I can do. I did it once, exercised too. Of course I can do it again. I’m not weak. I won’t be.