Slowly descending into madness
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2022-01-18 23:14:00 (UTC)

Pregnancy scare and other things

I've had a nearly perfect day yesterday. Except when I got back home, I had a headache again. I really hope, this is a sign of PMS. Also my vagina is dryer than ever, so that is a probability. I'm 15 days late.

For someone who never had sex, I know there's no way I can be pregnant. But, I've been giving other people pregnancy scare cause why not. Also Everytime I tell them I'm late, these bitches reply with "did you use protection?" protection from what sir? Bear? Ghosts? Why is it so hard to accept some people like being abstinent.

Oh, also remember the cancer girl from last entry? I was being a bit ashamed that I'm acting like a dick that I felt no empathy. But it's been a few days, I've started to feel like it's fine. She IS all in for sympathy, her fb profile shows. People are so pathetic man. No wonder no one in her class likes her.