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me and my life
2021-12-24 09:11:51 (UTC)

And this guy...

Omo I met this guy as a marriage prospect he came from out of nowhere. He sounded abrupt on call but he wanted to meet so I said yes.. I met just like that and he was cute, it clicked with him. The way he looked in my eyes, he gited me a book, he was looking at me very cutely my reactions and omg that was so cute, we talked talked laughed knew eachother and departed. He is tall, wheatish, good looking, smart, intelligent, mature, sensible he is not overboard. He understand and know me and my behavior. Aaandddd he liked me too. He liked me more than I liked him.
We met again and spent almost a day together. It dint go as we planned but spending time with him was good. He told me abt his issues, he took me to a nice place for dinner by his bodylanguage or his expression dint seem like he was trying hard but was nice Nothing too much or too less. And ever since I met him I have forgotten about M and that heartbreak. Am not in love but this is a sweet distraction for me rn and am loving it. Even if we dont endup that is ok am going with the flow...
He told me that he liked me before he met me when he saw me 1st time on app but for some reason we cdnt connect. And he again saw me and we connected. He looked straight into my eyes and said how he feel for me and how he is sure abt me and i was melting away i just kept smiling. He looked so attractive while saying that he looked a man who say things and boldly. We had many momemts when our eyes met we smiled. Cut down and we are getting married. Yeah i mean am sitting on that same bench where few weeks ago i cried over my life and today am on the same bench happy, not single and surprised wowww what a life. Thanks god and universe