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2022-01-16 23:26:26 (UTC)


I should probably do more stuff so I can actually have a reason to Kill myself

As it turns out, I’m a disgusting person and mistake of a child. I’m also the most dramatic and clumsy idiot ever known to man. My mental health is fine however my stupidity is thriving. I don’t have a legitimate reason to want to kill myself besides being a toxic person to the people around me and contributing nothing to this vast yet limiting world I reside in. For all my shortcomings and future mess ups. For all the people I’m bound to waste the time and effort of. For them. But I’m apuzzy. A scared, cowardly, clumsy, idiot who didn’t even have it in them to do what they want instead of what others want before they inevitably kill themself.
A pig. With an insatiable hunger. A loser. With an inescapable loneliness. A homunculus. With a disgusting face and body. A fool. With no personality or good qualities to speak of. I’ll just rot. Lol.

Did I mention fudging vain? Yeah. Shallow asf. Someone might as well get rid of me not before I ruin someone’s day with my opinions.