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2022-01-16 00:59:59 (UTC)

Feeling A Lot Better

Almost forgot to write today. Even though today says th 16th and not the actual date which is the 15th that's what I hate the most about this diary website even though we can change it. Most times I just don't feel obligated to do so.

But anyways, I'm feeling much better now ever since, I came down with covid. I didn't have it as bad as I thought it would be. I'm still coughing here and their but spitting up every little bit as I go because....Who wants to have that still inside you ? The coldness.

Finally finished my 837 page book from the 3rd book of the After series the movie comes out on Netflix on Monday. They just announced the trailer for the fourth movie that's coming in sometimes August/ September the same as the last 3 movies came out and yes I'm excited to read it. It took a little bit longer to read the 3rd book because it has more pages out of the whole series but I'm glad I finished it.

I also thought about continuing the series but I'm just gonna take a break and read 'Aristotle and Dante the Secret of the Universe'. I've also heard so many good things about that one and theirs a second one. Good thing about this book that it's short chapters all the way through like the book 'We Were Liars'which they announced the second book for that series but I don't know when exactly it'll be out but I'm keeping a watch out for it. It definitely had Outer Banks vibe to it ( the TV show on Netflix which I never seemed to watch because they hyped it up so much but maybe one day I will watch it only watched one episode and gave up on it). But I gave that's book a 4/5. It didn't make me cry nor It Ends With Us but it was a great plot twist at the end. Very upsetting but didn't cry but I definitely cried at A Thousand Boy Kisses like I was suppose to like a baby. I wish I would've recorded myself with it. I've never cried at a book before.

I love it reminds me of the movie. My all time favorite movie if, I must say myself A Walk To Remember.

10/10 for that book if, only they make a movie out of it I'll love it even more as the book.

But I think I'll be able to read the current book that I'm reading in 2 days since, its so fast pace. Also, my book lamp and my ibayam pens came in because that's what their called and im obsessed with my book lamp that I can now read in the dark however long I want to of coarse I have to charge it but its so freaking cute. I can can carry it with me everywhere I go in my purse.

I have one more day of isolation and I gotta take the test again. Fingers cross for negative.

- A

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