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2022-01-15 13:17:43 (UTC)

Almost back to my self again.

Woke up a little extra early today, I need to study a few more times before going to school to do my test, can't wait to get this over with and go back to enjoying my weekends sleeping in or doing whatever, even though going to think about it, my Sunday school classes will begin soon and well, so much for Sunday mornings. I will work really hard on getting my health back on track, it is my number one priority this year, and even though I've had a rough start I am eager to feel better and go back to working on my projects. I went back to listening to worship music this morning and it gave me such tranquility I am confident about today and am also thankful that yesterday's first surgery and procedure for my friend went well. Cancer is definitely not one to wait, so the sooner she takes action the better her odds. My cab is here to pick me up so I guess I'll finish this later. Good day to you all!