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2022-01-15 03:44:00 (UTC)

That Feeling You Get

One of my penpals on this site opened up in his diary about how he felt when he lost one of his dear friends. She deleted her diary and he hasn't heard from her again. Well, I have to admit that I'm laying here with a heavy heart as well for the same reason. There was fellow I enjoyed reading the entries of and replying to him. I received the notification that he had written an entry but I was very busy with my own affairs and trying to find a moment to breathe. When I clicked to read his entry, it's like he's no longer on the site. It's amazing how we can get so used to each other. Logging on though to find out that your penpal is gone is like going to work only to find out that your favorite neighbor has moved. No note, no phone call just an empty heart. I'm lost in emotion right now. Questions fill my mind.

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