2022-01-15 11:40:00 (UTC)

Living in crazy times

To be back vaccinated?, or not to be not vaccinated? is the question in today's world. To wear a mask? Or not to wear a mask? Is the question. To be with a N95 or KN95 or to not be is the question and so many arguments of all of the above and much more.
Not to mention the empty shelves in the grocery stores, rise of prices of groceries, and gas.
This is life during the pandemic Covid-19 and variance not to mention the Omicron which is has arise in the county where I live.
It's hard for your family especially mine. They have their own thoughts. They have their own opinion. When it comes to protecting one another, it's lacking Care on one person. It's a domino effect one man down, we all are down! It's time for people to put their thinking caps on! Wear a mask or move out! That's my rule to my family roommates. No one likes to be sick and especially me! I have other health issues. I'm trying to take care of myself. I don't need this. So I warned my friend about my family roommate not wearing a mask, because my friend has asthma and he is not vaccinated. He eats meals with the homeless and people in need of food. I told my husband how I felt , I don't want company here in our home. If they want company they could wear their mask and meet them outside. I'm not kidding that's me and that's the way I am. I taking care of myself­čą░.

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