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2022-01-15 03:28:00 (UTC)

Been A Busy Bee

So it can become a bit chaotic when everyone on the job starts to catch covid. You find yourself taking on a little bit more than usual. So between that and my husband lingering with symptoms such as a constant cough that can keep you up at night, when can you really rest. I'm about to catch my breath though because I seen something that made me double take. I'll explain. I was the first to rid myself of covid out of my husband and I. He has been dealing with a lingering cough. Although it's been keeping me awake, I've been steady with caring for him, housework and the job. Not a problem. I saw it coming. Now just when it seem as though he was coming around and all started to be fine, he develops a heel spur in the right foot. So he's been sort of limping around when walking. I decided to order these silicone footies type of thing to relive the shock on his foot when steps down. I called into work today (today being my normal off day) and the silicone arrived by the time I got off work. Well, I didn't waste no time having him lay back in the bed so I can rub some Aleve on his heel and calf them off course put on the silicone. Now of course I'm looking for some kind of feedback about how it feels and if it works. He looked as if he still was limping with it on but not to the degree that he was before he received the silicone. All evening I'm watching him trying to get him to communicate to me if it's working. So in the middle of the night he gets up to use the restroom. He doesn't know I'm looking right at him but I guess assumes I'm sleep. He got up and it looked as if he was trying to test the pressure of walking on it and once he realized it didn't hurt he started walking normal. I looked up at him as if to say, "yes, it works" but once he noticed my looking, all of a sudden he started limping. I had to double take. I'm like, ok, I seen tv shows where either husband or wife gets hurt and it heals but they like the attention they were receiving from their mate, so they pretend to feel hurt. Now, I'm not saying that's what my hubby is doing but I did find that to be rather odd. I remember having a conversation with my mom tonight, and my telling her what's going on with him and she said "I didn't see him limping". I thought that to be weird but I summed it up as he didn't want no one to see him hurt so maybe he walked on it in front of her, but now she has me thinking. When my family members are sick, I can turn into a real mama bear. My husband knows this, so it makes me wonder. I'm not saying I was a slacker before but I was comfortable with us sharing household duties. Sometimes I wonder if he appreciates the way I've been juggling things around so smoothly that he almost wishes to keep the same status, so that I can continue in my efforts. Seeing that I'm not sure about what I saw, I asked myself the question "what if it were true, would I be angry?" The answer is no. I care so much about him that it would be a relief to know that he sort of exaggerating the truth so I can spoil him than to hear that the silicone isn't working. I'm tired true but that news would bring me so joy. I haven't been sleeping and I've been pushing through. The way I see this whole thing is, I got a chance to prove my love to my husband. It's easy to brag about the many years you may have been together but do you have trials to prove it? It's like love being tested to see how far it would go, how strong and resilient it can be. This virus has helped us prove so much to each other. He has become even more appreciative which I love and it gives me the strength to keep going. Like I say, I could be wrong about what I seen and only time would show it up. I'm the meantime, I'm determine to hang in there because no trial last forever, they all have expiration dates. They're just not printed. I'm going to try my best to rest up tomorrow as I return to work on Sunday. Speaking of work, it has become much better. Just as alot had been proven between my husband and I, alot was proven between my coworkers and I. Compassion, concern, worry and joy has been shown in my work family. I was brought to tears when my boss called me almost on a daily to see how I was feeling and keeping me to speed on things. As far as stress goes, I haven't been allowing myself to stress. I've been letting things go, improving in my way of work but learning not to work so hard but smarter and take things slow.

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