2022-01-15 03:29:36 (UTC)


Gemini Moon
My love was stallion from me
Before ay could choose or ask.-I know my nettle is a drug. But life do prove. I don't consent to just any color criticism.

The universe is my only companion
So I am filled to the brim with optimism,
Free love and understanding.
The new bounty of my mind is dealing with these sloppy ass masters, while still trying to be inspiration and support for causes that I hold dear

Striking Concepts that Rung in 2022
Kobe- Japan
EVERYBODY WANTS ST. LUKE-I respect the gyroscopic vibe and all the super group imput but I have to be my own umpire.
I take inventory of my physical self with OUT OF TOUCH and inappropriate talk on the table.
Using sacral energy to distract the mind into OVERSTIMULUS --

Get them damn cameras out my house and take that piece with YOU!

JOB—Hand or Blow
Ashleys name brand furniture from Ellish Crew.
We on Demon University. My Black Love is Priority, though I am out in these streets looking like a Savage.
NOTHING more important than my philosophy and perspective IN 2022.

I am balanced about how fucusd I must be to survive.
I am mindful of how many social groups are permitted to direct energy at me when I have flatly declined their company
My struggle is stopping improper—
I will not be treated like a thing while others use fancy to try to twit me real.
I am more concerned that I lost resources.
I stand as a woman against a hollow reputation.
There should be more good humor and forgiveness in a situation that does not require all that insight.
Exaggeration and misinterpretation that does not hit the mark does not engage me.
I am not willing to be constantly insulted to get along.

I'm not Donald Trump but YOU ARE FIRED.
It is MY privilege TO BE ANNIE.
after not being received by my family-admittedly walking for the strong looking for better love in this life.
after not being reimbursed by people that have complicated my life CARELESSLY time and time again
I AM letting anyone know that my love and my talent are part of me. And they are not for sale

DEATH HIT THE FLOOR**rhetorical questions about shit im not gon do for this mess WHOEVER MADE...fuck is sale jail bitch
Really if I had to know you what would that look like and how would we character that?

Playing with wack mix tapes is wasted imagination--I would rather go live in a tree houses somewhere.

With my hair, my house, my finances and my getaway destroyed let me go back in time by 20
years and tell a basic and tactless bitch to get some dreams-- Von Dutch, Spanish Rank and File, and the Plus Size Risk Management crew.
the package of carrying you was always garbage and day by day I fight with my ability to say sane in m actions

I wanted to be political and philosophical to support m cause in the human family
All of us and One of Me--You will hear what I said and how I said it. Simple clear truths
Live with your own decisions--I will live with my mess
Just be aware I'm not scared that I was Rothed at 4—
Kool Moe Dee and my sports family resulted in a weak ride
But you cant duece me on---I went through legal you went through social
and you still trying to agitate a strong on a closed case
With love I must say
You lying on me about deeper problems of belonging and support in the black community.
I did my best--
but I will say this year as I have resolved in earlier years
These terms are not sound.

i do not appreciate all of the voodoo and racism mixed up
i DO NOT like having my safety and stability"""""hacked""""
There is a difference between lied cuz you cool and simply sloppy
Corona en espanol significa Crown--which you have in being SLOPPY

I will not succumb to ideations and optical rhythms.

I am confident in my opinions and constructive in my criticisms.

Success is a journey not a destination,
A beautiful tattoo-by Dorian Missick. It represents the evolution of my losses with loved ones
Fighting with Pam about your son Ajani Yess!
Getting shunned by your sisters from lightest to darkest in a multiplicity that leaves you in the dozens position--- UHHHH NO.
a man would have to get his phone together and salute.

I cry about all the firsts I missed. But I am too mature to keep dwelling on what you obviously overwork.
I just appreciate all the people that invest in safe journeys for black men and children.
I cannot take on every savage charity case
But the way I reacted to adversity in my life is how greatness happens.

Leave me dreaming about all the great black lives that ARE great because people play they part and git the fuck on
Instead of trying to stand around like they important for any ole off the rack reason

Respect my safety issues as part of the game, with all these heads bumping around instead of immediately
Jumping go gossip me gay instead of pleasing me small.

The small me-I cast a unique aura No lightskinn no headwrap
But I am at peace with my sun, and all the energies that lead to me--be accountable for you SINCE YOU GOT MOUTH
The universe takes care of itself-she spoke well of Me
I wait for Jupiter and Venus to speak for me--black love is there to be observed and respected
My Philosophy and MY Peacefight.
I made too many contributions, MANY on my terms.

I choose to be afro-centric, money minded and satisfied with my status.
The root of my truth has misused. Alone makes a bigger person.
Fix the air then the lights.
Messy ain’t good