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2022-01-14 19:13:37 (UTC)

Repairs needed

‎Friday, ‎January ‎14, ‎2022

Have a bedroom with a bathroom needing work done. Only able to pay so much at a time every month after the 3rd. $200.00 a month, maybe more., Nothing fancy as have a lot done by fly by night people wanting a few bucks, But, as can see a lot has been done. Still have a floor to be replace with the plywood I have on hand left as well as bathroom cabnet and sink installed and toilet and sink connected to the water outlets already showing.
Was going to have Blackhills gas company do some sealing repairs as they said it is free as long as I am a subscriber. Well, the Blackhills guys came and left. Stated that they could not do anything at all in this house until I have the room completed. Yea, have it closed off, but nope until I get the room completed then they could not help in anyway with anything what so ever.? Call agin after I have done this room. I have a lot of repairs needed, as had some really nasty filthy dirty scum bags that wanted to do nothing but colletc rents and get drunk in the eight years they lived here for free.
Help is for those that can come up with money is what it is now days from what Blackhills feels. The two people they sent out didn't look as if they wanted to work anyway. Able to judge lazy people as first thing from one worker was I need to call my boss. hink we can help you. Always answer I get or I don't quality because I earn too much or own the property. Retired and seventy-five and barley able to walk with high/low blood pressure as well as many other problems. But, try as much as I can.
Anyone able and needs a few bucks for so much work then come on by, and lets talk or call 479-250-8230. Ask for John, oh hell I am John, no one will answer but me, if I an around the phone.

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