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2022-01-04 00:40:55 (UTC)


God is cruel. Tuesday I walked into a thrift store with my KJV in hand, walked over to the book section, set it down and walked straight out the door and didn't look back. After pleading and begging God over and over and over again for help and him turning a deaf ear to my cries for help, it is IN MY BEST INTERESTS TO LEAVE HIM. I hope he enjoyed destroying my life. I hope he had a fucking blast. I won't give that MONSTER the time of day ever again. I'll also remember that the next time I see a homeless person in the street begging me for help. I'll ignore him. God is a sadist and a fucking asshole. Fuck that fucking fucker. At least I kept the vow of celibacy I made to him despite the fact he tempted me over and over to break it and yet I prevailed and was faithful. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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