The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2022-01-14 16:38:08 (UTC)

Primary Care Doctor Might Be Right.

I think my primary care might be right about the sleep apnea.
I just got home a little bit ago from the cardiologist appointment.
And when he was listening to my heart.
He said he could hear the heart murmur, but didn't hear anything of urgency.
I do have to get an echocardiogram done.
But just to make sure everything is good like I wanted.

Even the cardiologist was like I would go ahead and get the sleep study done.
Said my charts were ok and nothing looked abnormal.
I guess I just need to have a little more faith.

I also saw how much I weighed today....
I'm not quit 200lbs yet.. But I'm getting there..

I will have a lot of weight to loose once I start getting better sleep.
If it is in fact the sleep apnea that's causing all of this.

But anyways..
I know my last few entries were kind of depressing.
But, that's how I truly felt these past few days.
Also lack of sleep if causing me to be very irritable.
And lash out.

So ya.. Hopefully it's just the sleep apnea and nothing serious..
cause girl im over this.