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2022-01-14 09:30:57 (UTC)

I didn’t think it was this ..

I didn’t think it was this serious.

I knew I was feeling it so much that I was contemplating jumping out of bed and doing laps jokingly. Because of the pre-secondhand-mortification I was experiencing as I read the story.
Lo and behold. It happens. Like this. I kid you not I was tearing up, jumping out of bed, doing push ups. I don’t know if you call it full body cringe, just second hand embarrassment, or actual mortification on someone else’s behalf but I think I died.

Still shaking because I have to continue reading that to see if sexual tension is solved or the Main Character actually just gets embarrassed to death. I’ll probably die (again) either way.

Update: I died and came back. Everything is okay now.