Diary of an Average Gal
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2022-01-12 13:33:14 (UTC)

In the beginning

I suppose every Diary must start somewhere.

What this diary will be I don't know. Will it be where I write about my deepest darkest secrets? Or my hopes and dreams? Maybe it will be somewhere for me to purge all my feelings into one place. All I know is ... it's time for me to write a few things down and I guess I better start with myself.

I'm an average person from an average place. I have a husband (who's sometimes wonderful and sometimes not ... more on that later) and 2 children. There are days when I find myself overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility I have. I live for my family and their happiness and I will continue to do so as much as possible. Sometimes I feel that my happiness comes at the expense of my family, is this ok? I've thought about it that much I don't even know anymore. I have many secrets that no one knows about and as I develop this space I will divulge them and let you into my perverted world.


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