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2022-01-12 06:16:04 (UTC)


Gackt - Farewell

The lustrous crescent moon washes itself upon
my longing heart
No light from the moon penetrates this dark
night, you tell me “You are able to walk alone”
Compassion and warmth from those words you
gave me

At times of sorrow I just close my eyes,
And you are beside me

You never showed your tears when we parted
Always with the same kind smile
I can never forget your warmth

Even if tears shed, I’ll be smiling
Even if I have no path before me
I’ll spread out my wings

The figure that fades along with the falling
drops of the moon
Tell me again why must I continue to walk

I will walk on without turning back
Because you are with me along the way

I hope to never shed tears again
Because I have chosen to not turn back
That was what I promised that day

Even if I start to cry, the rain will wash those
tears away
If I could ever see you again
I want to be able to say I have transcended you

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