deanne and Connor

our dialog
2022-01-08 08:38:43 (UTC)

Thoughts and Pride

I pride Myself at being “her” Master. W/we have such a beautiful and enduring connection of trust and love. I can never imagine My life without her in it and I adore doing anything to make her happy

Recently, I had a bout of jealousy surrounding a person that visits with us. This person makes no secret the fact that he covets My girl. She, in her sweet and friendly way, tells Me he is harmless and that I should not worry about his flirting. I have to admit that’s it’s difficult when this person visits several times a day and clearly wishes I were not present. As I have been away the latter part of this week, I know that he will have visited and enjoyed My absence.

For My part, I take comfort in My whore’s previous articulate post(s) and I soak in the words and sentiment. I know she will never betray Me and I trust her immeasurably. I own and love this beautiful woman and cherish her submission to Me, and Me alone.

Life is good and My life with her is exquisite I penned this diary entry to celebrate it!


Master of d


i am so happy that You feel this way, that You love and trust me completely, and that you acknowledge that i submit to You and You alone. Being coveted by another is simply a testament to one's appearance, behavior and attitude. You should be proud that someone else sees these things in me, but the only You can truly have them and enjoy them as they belong to only You.

i love You.