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2022-01-02 23:12:20 (UTC)


I did it with a eyebrow trimming thing and it sprouted blood. That math thing I used before only ever scratched the skin and left red lines sometimes. And it hurt more. Why didn’t I feel anything from actual blood? Why. It doesn’t matter. I have work to do. Everything else can come after I fix my failing grade.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. I might fudging have covid cuz of the family gatherings we had for Christmas. I should’ve known I wouldn’t survive this pandemic in a family as unconcerned as this. Always quick to reassure but not to take precautions. At the beginning she turned down my warnings about family gatherings still being bad too and now look where we are. This fudging family. I only blame myself for ever allowing myself to be reassured into trusting them.