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2021-12-28 11:43:11 (UTC)

Goals Reflection: December 2021


[Names and locations have been obscured to preserve privacy.]

Podcast-listening has persisted. There were a number of events and special projects coming to fruition at the eco compound this month, so by default I was in contact and participating with that community more frequently than in the past. Additionally, I discussed my reserved room for this upcoming May with a couple of their staff, so that is still moving ahead.

I found homes for two of my largest physical possessions: the exercise bike, and the laser-cutter. I think I have homes for most of my books and board games, and I will be checking in with my landlords before I head out next Spring to see if they would like my furniture. I was tempted to purchase a 3D printer to fabricate special soap molds and board game components, but then realized I would need a place to store it in the relatively near future. Still, I am checking in with my artist friend to see if she would like to have it and store it in her studio.

Since I am relocating in the middle of next year, my attempts for increasing income this month have been half-hearted, at best. Not really into being an online store, whoring myself on social media and all that garbage. It just hasn't become a priority like it ought to. December is also a difficult time to start any new ball rolling due to so many people celebrating holidays and otherwise not being on the job (myself included). So in January I will follow-up with some of my online resources.

This week, I am recording more chapters of the audiobook for the author I had contacted last month. By the end of this week, I should have the first seven chapters complete. I'm pleased with the results of the intro and chapter one (which I completed and sent out yesterday), and at the very least I'll keep them in the car for occasional listening. His material is very good, and I think I've done well with the recording and then editing of it.

Anyone who has followed-up with me regarding the soap I've made has provided nothing but high marks and praise. I'm continually reminded that smells really awesome and it feels really great. I couldn't ask for anything more than that. I'm pleased with the quality of the soap, and there may still be ways for me to make it after I head out of town.

It's been an active time for visiting friends and relatives, either in their homes or in socially-distanced cafes and such. That's been nice. I've been giving away a lot of soap. I have an old aunt in Ohio, and after several months of radio silence even she's been in contact. I mentioned to her that I may be able to visit in the first half of next year.

For the end-of-year holidays, I hosted lunch for my coworkers at an excellent restaurant-bar-arcade with a fully-catered lunch and quarters for their pinball and arcade machines. For those who attended it was a blast. Several folks had to cancel at the last minute, which was unfortunate not just because they weren't there to join us, but there was also an embarrassingly large amount of food left over...! Oh well.

This week, I spent a few days with my relatives a few hours north of where I live, and the day after X Mas I drove straight to the shore. I'm there now, and I'll be here until the Monday after the New Year.

Ex-girlfriends are coming outta the woodwork. I have no idea what that's about. Fortunately, they're all awesome women and no one is being creepy or baggage-laden in our conversations. It's all been about life now and what lies ahead, which is all I can ask for, really. There's not much rekindling even hinted at, and I see that as kind of a relief.

As I type this, I am at the shore. This just might be my last trip out here for some time, so I am indulging myself: photographs of the sunrise, bicycling, naps, classic films, video games, and... private moments. Regarding that last one: maybe it's because of all my exes contacting me lately and lingering memories, maybe due to the sexual tension between my artist friend and me, maybe because my massage oil is so nice. It's not for me to complain or question, says I.

I feel healthy, capable, and active. My routine of exercise cycling has prepared me for the actual bicycling I am doing here, and it feels great. Even my knee is mostly-healed from the last visit I had made to the shore...

The resurgence of the pandemic doesn't have me worried beyond a pervasive and ever-present existential dread, because I don't hang around people much as a general rule. Isolation isn't a drastic change from my typical plans. However some of my friends admit that it's been bringing them down, and there's always the concern about the day job and how it will be affected. The surrounding county has implemented a "state of emergency" and reinstated the mask mandate for all public places. I'm just reminded that had they been serious about ending the pandemic, the world would have been able to address it by now and certainly the US could have led the field. However, the rich folks just don't care about the rest of us, so competent public safety measures aren't enforced. So it goes.

As long as I've picked and chosen who I spend time with, it's been wonderful for me personally. The pandemic is about 2 years old. I continue to detach from the gravity of my previous job as my time there comes to an end, and continue to envision a future full of purpose, challenge, and new experiences.

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