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Frosty the Snowman: Karen's Return (4,133 wds)

Frosty the Snowman: Karen’s Return
D’Arc Tangent

Karen stepped off the bus. Her furry white boots crunching into the snow as she took in a deep breath of the fresh winter air.

It has been over ten years since she was home, but the crisp winter air, and the sights and sounds of Christmas made her feel like a ten-year-old girl again, and with that feeling came the memory of Frosty the Snowman, and how he came to life that day.

“Karen!” came a voice across the parking lot of the bus terminal, and Karen looked to see her friend, Jared, running across the parking lot, arms extended to her, and they both embraced for a moment, then Jared released her and looking Karen up and down, said, “You look great. New York seems to have been good to you.”

“Thank You, and you,” and Karen eyed him like a pin up poster, and smiled, “You, look incredible, and I hear you bought the general store?”

“I did,” Jared said, “After getting my MBA, I came home for a visit, and I heard Mr. Johnston was selling his store, and I thought, this would be a great place to stay and raise a family.”

“And how is that working out for you?” Karen smiled at him.

“Got a business, and a house, now, I am working on the family.” Jared said.

Karen said, “I guess we will have to do something about that, won’t we?” and there was a twinkle in her eye as she said it.

“Do you want to go for dinner?” Jared asked.

“I have to go home, mother’s waiting, but thank you, maybe tomorrow?” And with that, Karen gave Jared a small kiss on his check, then turned so he couldn’t see her face, she smiled on her way home.

The next morning Karen crept downstairs as her mother was making breakfast. She had her heavy wool robe cloaking her from the cool midwestern winter, bare feet in fluffy bunny slippers.

“That is a smell I missed in New York.” Karen said as she took in the smell of bacon and eggs.

“They don’t have bacon in New York?” her mother teased.

“They do, but I have to cook it myself, so I can’t wake up to it.”

“Well, you are home now,” her mother said, placing a plate before her, “Now eat. So, what are you doing today?”

“Christmas shopping, probably, walk around town, it has been some time since I was back.”

“You should ask Jared to come with you. I know he was planning on taking the week off.” her mother suggested.

“Maybe we can build a snowman, in the village square.” Karen said, but her mother did not see the smile of the memory of the last time she made a snowman, “But first, breakfast, then a shower.”

Karen opened her suitcase, not having fully unpacked yet, and took out her tan leggings, mini-skirt, white lace bra and bulky pull-over sweater. Once everything was laid out on the bed, she went to take her shower.

As the hot water pounded her body, Karen let the steam open her up, physically, and emotionally. As she felt the water pelting her nipples, they became harder, more sensitive, so she took the wand down from its perch, and ran the vibrating water over her body, across her nipples, and down between her legs until she started to feel the strength give out and she reluctantly stopped, and returned the shower head back to its cradle, as she tried to slow her heart back to a normal tempo.

Karen wrapped a towel around her wet hair, then another around her body, thankful her mother could afford the large bath towels. Back in New York, her raggedy little towel could cover her breasts, or her waist, not both. She padded back to her bedroom, and sat in front of her vanity to blow-dry her hair, and get ready for her day.

With her hair dry and brushed, Karen then squeezed her breasts into the white lace bra, snapping the front closure as her flesh was pushed up in the most enticing manner. Then she pulled on the black leggings, and wrapped the little red skirt around her waist, and slipped on the heavy pullover sweater, and her white fur boots, and jacket. As she ran out the door, she called to her mother, “Going to see Jared, love you!” and as she exited it the door, she heard her mother reply, “Love you too!”

Karen arrived at Jared’s house, and rang the bell.

“Karen!” he exclaimed, when he saw her, “Great to see you, come in, come in.”

As Karen closed the door behind her, she took in the view of the house. Modest, very manly looking, the furniture being very basic and utilitarian and functional. The walls were an eggshell colour, with dark, hardwood flooring. No carpet, not even an area rug, and heavy black-out curtains, that ironically were pulled back to let the light in.

“Coffee?” Jared yelled from the kitchen as Karen hung her jacket up.

“Please. Milk and sugar.” she replied as she slipped out if her white fuzzy boots and padded down the hall to the kitchen.

Karen straddled one of the stools set up at the island as Jared put a steaming mug in front of her, and sat on the other side of the island and lifted his cup.

“So, what brings you here on a pleasant winter morning.” he smiled over his coffee cup.

“I thought we could hang out, have some fun/” she said, “Maybe we could …"

“Hey, there is a magician doing a free show at the firehall, for the kids, wanna catch that?”

“As long as it isn’t that Professor Hinkle guy from when we were in grade school. He was terrible.” Karen joked, as she set her coffee cup down.

“Funny, I think it might be his son.” Jared said, staring at her over his coffee cup.

“So, what? We build a snowman, then steal Hinkle’s hat and bring him to life?” Karen suggested as she took another sip of her coffee.

“Hey, I am a respected businessman, I can’t be caught engaging in petty larceny, and the re-animation of snowmen.” and Jared took another sip of coffee before setting his cup down and saying, “But maybe I don’t notice if a visiting person was to walk off with said magic hat?”

“Well then grab your coat, we have a snowman to build.” Karen said, staring at Jared over her coffee, and although her statement seemed innocent enough, there was something in her eyes that hinted it wasn’t a snowman she was interested in making. Jared took the cups, put them in the dishwasher, and grabbed his coat, before helping Karen into her coat.

The morning was crisp, but not frigid, and the two friends hurried their way to the park. Jared rolled the balls into two very large snow boulders, and as he hoisted the ‘head’ onto Frosty’s body, Karen made an addition to the snowman.

“Seriously?” Jared said as he saw the large white bulge on the lower part of the snowman.

“Sue me, I just thought he should reflect a more mature look.” Karen explained.

“Mature? Since when is a twelve in snow penis ‘mature’?”

“You do mature your way, and I do mature my way.” Karen laughed, then threw a snowball at him.

The two ran around the park, throwing snowballs at each other until they heard the clock tower chime it was one o’clock.

“Hey, the show’s going to start soon.” Jared said, and the two rushed to the firehall. The large room set aside for the show was filled with small children and their parents, a few teens and young adults who came to see the magic show.

Hinkley Junior was a much better magician than his father, but nothing terribly awe-inspiring, still it was an enjoyable show, and afterwards, as he was packing up, Karen and Jared approached the entertainer.

“Wonderful show.” Karen commented, “I saw your father twenty years ago, in our school. He was, well, I guess he was …"

“Terrible? He wasn’t the best, got too flustered, but he did teach me a lot about showmanship, even gave me his old hat.” young Hinkley said.

“So, this is, is, the, the hat he had twenty years ago?” Karen said, her eyes lighting up as she stared at the hat. “Can I see it for a moment?” Karen said, almost reaching for the hat. When Hinkley said said “sure” Karen grabbed the hat and ran away.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Hinkley shouted at her as she ran out the door. Jared said, “Don’t worry, she’ll be back, she just wants to try something.”

“But, but I need that hat, I have another show, tomorrow, I need my hat back.” Hinkley said.

“Don’t worry,” Jared said, “I will get it back for you, just let her have this moment, once she has had her fun, I will bring the hat back to you, I promise.”

“Alright, But I have to leave by ten tomorrow morning, you promise you can have it to me by then?”

“Trust me, she is just reliving her childhood, I will have it back well before you have to leave.” Jared promised him, and Hinkley gave him his cell number and told Jared to call him as soon as he had the hat.

“Thank You.” Jared said, “She has had a bad year, and I think this will help her.”

“You know it’s just a hat, right?”

“I know it, you know it, but let’s give her a chance to figure that out for herself.” Jared answered.

Karen ran over to the park, and placed the hat on her snowman.

“Happy Birthday.” Frosty said, and Karen jumped up and down with joy.

“Karen, it has been quite some time since I last saw you, how have you been doing?” Frosty continued, then, looking down, he said, “Hello, what have we here?”

“I just thought you might want an accoutrement, now that you a little older.” Karen giggled.

“What is a crouton?” Frosty asked.

“Never mind, let’s go. I want to march through the streets of town like we did when we were younger.”

He led through the streets of town, until they got to the corner, when he heard her holler “STOP!” as the light was red.

“Wow, a lot has changed since the last time I was here.” Frosty mentioned.

“Yeah, let’s go to the hill.” Karen said, “I haven’t been tobogganing in years.”

“Then let’s go.” Frosty said as they headed out to the outskirts of town, to the top of a very large hill, “Karen, get on my back.” Frosty said, and as she did, Frosty dove down the hill, and you see, Frosty, since he was made out of snow, was the fastest belly-whopper … in the world. The two of them careened down the hill at a dizzy speed until Frosty started to feel something he had never felt before, coming from the area of his ‘crouton’ and he skidded down the hill, rolling over as he did so, and throwing Karen from his back into the snow. The thin leggings, and little skirt were well and find to build a snowman, or walk through the town but now Karen was all wet, and she was shivering, and pulled her knees up to her chin as she rocked back and forth, the wet snow penetrating her leggings and making her feel colder by the minute.

Frosty picked Karen up, and noticed a light in the distance that he hopped would be a fire, or a source of heat for Karen, so he marched in that direction, and as he crested the hill, he saw a bright glass house, filled with bright red flowers, and he tried the door, and it opened for the giant snowman.

Frosty carried Karen into the greenhouse, and set her down.

“I have to go outside Karen.” he explained, “I don't know how long I can stay here.”

“T-t-that's, t-t-that's o-o-kay, fr-fr-osty.” she stuttered, “I, I will b-b-be o-o-kay.”

“Then I am just going to …" and Frosty tried the door, “just, going, going to …"

“Wha-what-what’s the ma-ma-matter Fr-fr-frosty?” Karen asked, noticing her frozen friend was still in the greenhouse.

“It appears that the door has locked.” Frosty said.

“L-l-let m-m-me c-c-call s-s-someone.” Karen said, as she pulled out her cell phone, and she called Jared, who said he would be right over, but before her rescuer ever arrived, the hothouse took its toll on the snowman.

Karen sat on the floor of the greenhouse, surrounded by the bright red poinsettia's, amid the puddle of water that was her friend, Frosty the Snowman, crying. She pulled her legs up under her chin, sobbing, when a sudden cold blast of air indicated the door had just opened. Her eyes were puffy from tears, but she could just make out a large, red object standing in the doorway, and memories of her childhood came flooding back.

“Santa?” she squeaked out in a voice that was so close to her ten-year-old self, as she wiped the tears away, and focused on the large, jolly old elf.

“This is getting to be a habit, Karen?” Santa said, but the twinkle in his eye told her he was not upset.

“Maybe I should just stop coming back to this town.” she said, “Bad things seem to happen when I do.”

“Nonsense!” Santa said, “Your presence here is not directly responsible for what happened to your snowy friend, but there is always a price to pay for magic.”

“But I didn’t have to pay anything last time, Santa.”

“Last time, you were a child, unaware of what was happening, and caught up in a situation beyond your control, this time, you knew better, but you did it anyway, so, now …"

“I, I don’t have much with me.” Karen said, “How much will this cost?”

Santa held his hands out to Karen, the help her to stand, “My dear, I am an immortal being of magic, I don’t require monetary recompense.” Santa said, as he undid the large black belt at his waist, and opened the jacket. As the heavy wool coat fell to the ground, Karen could see through the bright red flannel what Santa was expecting, and her eyes lit up as she licked her lips.

Karen unzipped her coat, and let it fall to the ground behind her, and stood before Father Christmas, in her fuzzy white boots, leggings and mini-skirt, and wool pullover.

“Oh My, I think I am going to enjoy this bill.” Karen said as she slipped out of her boots.

Karen pulled her wool sweater over her head, and even though it was quite warm in the greenhouse, her flesh pimpled with excitement as she undid the front clasp of her white lace bra, releasing her breasts to the Jolly Old Elf.

Santa’s eyes lit up, but the gleam in them looked nothing like the billboards, and that excited Karen even further. Santa started to undo the rope holding his pants up when Karen placed her hands on his, and slowly shook her head. Dropping to her knees, she untied the rope, and widened the waistband of his red flannel pants, and allowed them to drop to the ground.

“Sants goes commando?” Karen grinned at him, “I like.” and she took the massive erection in her hands and caressed the throbbing appendage, before taking the whole of it in her mouth. Santa held her head as she stroked his massive cock while sucking deeply. She could feel Santa’s body reacting. His cock twitched violently in her mouth, and she knew he was getting close, so she pulled back, letting the small trail of precum stretch between her lips and the tip of his manhood.

Karen stood up and unzipped the back of her skirt, letting it drop the floor, then she slowly pushed down her leggings,” Oh, look, I guess I am going commando as well.” she said as Santa received a full view of her shaved pussy. She stepped out of the fabric pooled around her feet, and laid back on the wood floor and spread her legs open, the used her fingers to open her vagina, exposing the deep pink slit to lover.

Santa stepped out of his pants, and lay atop the young blonde woman, and rubbed his cock against her clit. Karen bit her lower lip as he massaged the tender bundle of nerves between her legs. Karen lifted her ass off the ground, pushing her clit against Santa’s cock as he stroked upwards, caressing her. Each thrust of his magic cock, cause Karen to push up harder, faster, and each time she did, Santa stroked harder and faster, until in one swift movement, he plunged the length of his manhood into Karen, and a gurgle of ecstasy dribbled out Karen’s mouth as her body tensed, and her mind blanked as the full depth of his manhood rammed deep into her, and he held the stiff appendage deep inside her for what seemed an eternity before he released himself fully into her.

Karen filled with warmth, as the magic seed of the Spirit of Christmas filled her completely. Her body buzzed with exhilaration, and she could feel herself passing out from the pleasure. How much time passed, Karen was not sure, but a cool breeze brushed her skin, pimpelling her flesh again, and when she was finally able to open her eyes, Frosty was standing before her, all sleek and snowy and still spouting the snow penis she made him with.

“Happy Birthday!” he said, and Karen quickly grabbed her sweater to try to cover herself as she looked around, questions flashing in her eyes.

“Santa’s gone.” he said, “But he said that you brought me back to life, again, and that I should probably owe you a favor. No idea what he means, unless it has something to do with this?” and he motioned to the thick snowy cock between his thick, white legs.

Karen removed the sweater from hardly covering her chest, laid back on the floor again, spread her legs and said, “Bring it, snowman.”

Frosty was not really sure what Karen meant, but something in him, some magic bestowed on him by the Magic of Christmas, had him kneeling before his friend, and sliding his cock over her slick, wet slit. Karen could feel the hardness, like she was being fucked by an icicle, and yet, it wasn’t cold at all, in fact, it was surprisingly warm between her legs. Karen again lifted her ass off the ground, then taking one of Frosty’s hands she said, “Stick a finger in my ass.”

Frosty ran his hand over Karen’s ass, and she could feel her ass getting wet from the snowy appendage, then suddenly it was all slick and cool, in her hole, and she could feel both his cock and his finger inside her, and the combined sensation was blowing her mind. She grabbed Frosty’s head and kissed him, and it felt like snowflakes melting on her tongue. Karen ’s body was heating up, despite being surrounded by a large white snowman, and as she started to climax, Frosty, as well, came inside her, and it felt like a snowstorm in her womb, but it was soothing, and gentle, and Frosty sat back on the floor of the greenhouse and said, “Is that what Santa meant?”

Karen tried to catch her breath, as she sat up as well, and said, “I think that is exactly what he meant.” then a deep sadness ran across her face.

“What is the matter, Karen?” Frosty asked.

Karen hugged her snowy friend, and her nipples pebbled from the cold, but her body did not feel the coldness as she said, “This has been an amazing Christmas. I had sex with you, which for a snowman, you got mad skills, and Santa, SANTA!, but it is all just Christmas Magic, and it will be all gone soon, and I will have to go back to New York, alone, again.”

“I think Santa was giving you an early Christmas present.” Frosty said.

“What do you mean Frosty?” Karen asked.

“As you just said, your life in New York is lonely, maybe Santa was opening you up to love.”

“Oh, he was opening me up alright.” Karen said, “I don’t think I can walk.”

Frosty hugged Karen to him, and kissed the top of her head, “No, I think he was showing you that you still have a lot to give someone, and maybe it was just reconnecting with a childhood friend that you needed.”

“But you are not going to be around forever, Frosty.”

“Not me.” Frosty said, “I think you have to open yourself to what is right outside.”

Just as Frosty finished that sentence, the greenhouse door flew open, and Jared came in.

“Karen!” he called, as he saw her standing next to the giant snowman, “How is he even still standing? It is like a hothouse in here.” then blushed at his obvious statement.

“Santa brought him back for me.” she said.

“And, can you tell me why you felt it necessary to get naked in a greenhouse with a snowman?”

Karen looked at Frosty, who looked at Karen, then Frosty said, “I think I will step outside, where it is not so hot, or awkward.” and Frosty left.

“So, you still haven’t answered my question, why are you naked?”

“The real question should be, why aren’t you?” Karen said, as she stood up and kissed Jared hard on the mouth. His arms circled her waist, and pulled her closer to him, then looking over his shoulder he could no longer see the snowman, just the old silk hat sitting in the snow.

“Just a minute.” he said, as he grabbed the hat and brought it into the greenhouse, “I promised to return this.” he said, placing the hat down, then started to strip off his clothes. As Karen saw the enormous erection spring forth from Jared’s pants, she smiled, and lay back on the ground, her legs spread to take him, and Jared lowered himself to the ground, and slid his cock into her.

“Wow, you are really wet, and oddly, cold.” Jared said.

“Shut up and fuck me.” she said, grabbing his neck and pulling her friend down to her, her mouth opening to receive him, her legs wrapping around his torso, and they spent a solid hour making love before finally, spent and exhausted, they dressed, Jared gathered the hat, and the two went back to town.

On the way, Jared called Hinkley, “Dude, I got your hat. In the lobby? Should be there in about ten minutes. See you.”

“Did your day work out the way you envisioned?” Jared said to her as they pulled up to the hotel.

“Better.” she said, “I think I know what I need to do.”

“And what would that be?” Jared asked.

“Do you want a partner?” Karen asked.

“In the general store?”

“Maybe.” and she smiled, turned away and sunk into the seat of his car as they arrived at the hotel.

When they reached the hotel, Hinkley was waiting in the lobby, “So, miss, did everything work out for you?”

“There must have been some magic left, in that old silk hat, because I think I found exactly what I was looking for. Thank You Mr. Hinkley. That you, and I really do apologize for stealing your hat. I should have asked permission.”

“I am just glad everything worked out for you two, so, if the cost for you finding the true meaning of Christmas was going without my hat for a few hours, it was worth it, now, I have to get ready, busy, busy, busy.” he said, and left the two lovers to themselves.

After leaving the hotel, Karen called her mother.

“Mom?” she said, as the voice on the other side answered, “Don’t wait up, I am going to Jared’s house.”

“It’s about bloody time!” her mother said, “Be safe, and bring Jared over for breakfast in the morning.”

“She wants me to ‘bring you for breakfast’ in the morning.” Karen told Jared as she covered the mic on the phone.

“That means I am NOT taking you home?”

“Oh, you are taking me home.” Karen said, grinning as she did so, then into the phone, “See you in the morning mom.” hung up the phone, settled back in the seat, and smiled as Jared took her to his house for supper.