The Dairy Of Oblivion
2021-12-16 21:29:53 (UTC)

Here we go again

Hah yesterday me and my new friend (we met a week ago) we were supposed to meet at school to talk about things etc. And gues What? She didnt come :) It happend once too but i texted her and She had reasons for not coming but now i didn’t text her… also She NEVER texts me first u feel like She doesnt want to be friends with me… i feel devastated because of that :) also my Cat keeps attacking me EVERYTIME it sees me its really frustrating when you cant even feel safe in your own house :] i hate it all AGRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- Also i have a crush on that „friend” mentioned earlier hah so Yeah double fuck- aaaand ive been feeling like shit for the couple of months like im almost not able to feel emotion, i got random outbursts of anger and im thinking about things all the time tand my grades became lower…I don’t know what’s happening with me now…okay, bye for now..

-Mold logging out-