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2021-12-10 13:06:20 (UTC)

Long Overdue

It has been so long since my last substantive post that i am sure many of our followers worried we were no longer active or together. Let me assure you that is the furthest from the truth. If there is one golden gem that arose from Covid for Master and i it is that it has afforded us far more time together than we ever managed in the years prior. The most recent months have been especially rewarding and hence less of a need or urge to post about time together, or lack of it.

Honestly it is difficult to put into words how committed and devoted i feel for Master. Every time i see Him a shiver of delight runs through me, and when our time allows and we can do more than just sit and talk, pleasing Him is the most rewarding thing i have been able to do to show my feelings and devotion. There is nothing i wouldn't do for Him, and i can say that with confidence because of the extreme trust i have built. i know there is nothing He would ever do to cause any jeopardy for me.

Next week He will be traveling across country and i will also be out of state but i know we will find time to communicate and be together virtually. Our time together may be limited but it will happen.

i have said a thousand times that if anything should ever happen between us that it would be the end of my D/s life. You see, i don't crave Dominance, i crave HIS Dominance. Pure and simple.

i love You, Master. Travel safe if we don't talk or visit before You depart.