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2021-12-10 14:59:28 (UTC)

His wedding pics are not out. ..

His wedding pics are not out. I was so fucking curious but that ass did not put the pics yet. Its quite strange. He got married uff its so hard for me to process. He got mareied man fucking married and am not even close to half m of marriage.
I refreshed her feeds for like 100 times but no new pics. Not his or even her own. I guess she is busy. Am sure monku will put dp very soon. I so feel to msg him but ill not. He doesn't even deserve my hate hell be more happy. Thankfully am busy with my work but after qork i think abt his fucking marriage. But ill be fine soon qhen the strom is cooled down. There is a strom in my bead rn.i just dnt feel good abt anything, food, days, new baby, work nothinh excites me. I have lost appetite as well. Am sure the day is not far when ill be with my man too and happy. Am so so so craving for that kind of love, affection and attention. I have anxiety, weird feeling in chest, nausea guess am stressing a lot. Ill be fine🙂 .
I feel like higging someone dearly and when I thi k so all i can feel is Ms hug. Hugging him would wash my all stress. But now that hug belongs to someone else. I qonder how she married that deaf, it difficult in arrange marriage. Or is it not even arrange marriage. Ohhhhh. Stop stop i should stop all this nonsense.
Ok am busy with my work these days and am liking that space where i have no time to think abt nonsensical things. How will i meet my man? My family seems to be occupied with their stuff god help plss... am bored being single too... monku sale bhenchod, madarchod, suar hijda sala. Karma will definitely fuck you.