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2021-12-07 19:10:56 (UTC)

He is getting married

Yes, I was like oh my fuck..... i saw his engagement pics on his sis story and what like what i can't belive that asshole is getting married? And everything got unwired. Last feb when I called him he was with her so he did not receive the call. I could sense that he was lying. Today was his mehendi, tomorrow will be his haldi and day after tomorrow will be his wedding and honeymoon soon.
Am still processing it, its not like I wasnt knowing this was to happen but i dint expected it to happen so fast. Now my brain started paying shoud I msg him, should I msg his would be and mess it up but ofxourse I wouldn't.
I couldn't sleep well, all that I thought he should go through is up on me actually. I wasnt sad t he is marrying so girl its just i never imagined you know. There was a time I was dying to marry him. All the dreams, of shopping wrdding destination becoming a bride and he as my groom was all so dreamy hope... ahh i would not be able to put in words. How that all was now he is living that all and its still a dream for me. Actually not even a dream now. Am not interested in all these. The anxiety has conqured me and qill take time to settle. Am so curious to watch his wedding pics. Now when am not there in his life he has everything. I never saw him wear so good clothes, he lost weight to look good but he wasn't hahaha he has handsome face. He looked like a stranger to me. His parents fixed it, he did it and he looked hapy too. He hed her hand looked weird to me not jeaousy not at all but wierd i donno why. I can go on and on on this. It was lavish grand, he was enjoying. How can he do that? How he forgot me so easily and am still stuck. Whae8happens i still go in the balcony and whisper i had a hope that he will get in touch i was so dymb how smartly he fooled me. Everything was planned. But 1 queation rwmains unsolved why did he not delete my number??? I dnt trust myself. I might msg him then he has to delete. Pheww.... anyways am glad i did not marry him. Monku you are a bastard. Spineless worm. I hate you...