Slowly descending into madness
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2021-12-06 21:38:11 (UTC)


It’s been raining continuously for past 1.5 days. Idk how to feel good about it. Weather affects me a lot. And when the sky is gloomy, I feel devastated as well. So far the December was pretty tolerable with the comfort of 25° centigrade. Looks like colder days are ahead of us.

That just means me moping more and more on this site. Right now can't feel anything cause I got too much on the plate.

I swear I have the worst routine goodness. I sleep all day, wake up around 1 pm, then procrastinate all day. But at night I panic a lot and I study a lot. Suddenly everything is understandable to me. God knows what I'll do when I have a job. :)