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me and my life
2021-12-03 19:15:41 (UTC)

Anddd its a baby girl 👼

1 more niece now my love will be distributed to Naisha and the new one.
Am at hospital yeatersay dint sleep well, today went bonkers managing work, meetings, baby, naisha for short time, sis and other helps pheww am glad tomorrow weekend starts pheww like literally pheww... baby is aslewp noe so is her mom.
Am really nervous with the work now. J is leaing soon and the work is distributed too fast for me to grasp all at once which she took 1 yr to learn. So kinda nervous.. new guy from Germany doesn't seem to be happening. Boring he is... i dnt think its gonna workout 😪 i even dnt know how things gonna workout in terms of my work or life.