My secret life
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2021-12-03 07:53:10 (UTC)

Out on December 3rd

Well tonight I got out for my nude walk. I’ve missed have regular outings, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Tonight it was cold, 37 degrees, the ground was damp and cool but the cold air on my nude body doesn’t seem like 37 outside. Tonight I went out the back patio door as I most often do. I had been planning this trip for a couple of days now. I’ve passed by this on trips before, and I’ve even mentioned this place in past entries. This place is a commercial building, it’s a public place that offers services. The parking lot is very well lit at night, and it has some wide open space between my complex, and them, but also it’s close to the road as well. There is a has stay directly across the road from it as well. I have wanted to walk out into the wife open between my complex, and this building for some time now. But doing this, I will have no cover, due to the big, well lighted parking lot. I know if I do get to this point, I will be exposing myself clearly to the gas sty across the road, and to whoever is running the station. I’m gambling on they are not paying any attention to what’s outside. But as I’ve thought it through, I’ve decided to take that chance.

As I made my way along side the ditch between my complex and the road, headed towards the commercial building, it cool, but my body is warm from the adrenaline rush of a new adventure. Traffic was a bit busier than I’d like, but it was 2:30am and the bars are closing here. I’d duck behind a pine tree when I heard or saw a car, not overly trying to hide completely, but figure they’re not looking for some naked guy along side the road.

I made it to the edge of the complex, the parking lot lights, glaring, on me, but I wasn’t out where I could be visibly seen, yet. I checked the gas station, and no cars, I looked up and down the road, and when I saw nobody coming, I walked out into the open, just like I had done in a couple other places before. It’s a complete rush at this moment.

I made my way down to the parking lot, and onto the blacktop. I was now maybe 75-100 feet away from any cover. I was looking to be sure no cars were coming, and so far nothing. I couldn’t tell if anyone at the gas station was looking, it was to far say to see clearly.

By now, my heart is racing, I’m walking slowly farther into the parking lot, I’m fully lit up, you can now plainly see that I’m naked if you were to drive by, or just look. I knew my luck might run out, as I saw a car off in the distance heading towards me on the road. I quickly headed back towards cover over at my complex behind the bushes. But, I had made my way further than I should have, and getting to cover before the car got to my point was not going to happen. Believe me, I was freaked out, but I made my way back as quickly as possible, but I was probably 100 feet from the bushes when the car went buy. As I was hurrying to get to the bushes, I looked over my shoulder to look at the car, and I saw brake lights come on! I don’t know if it was because they were just slowing down, or because they saw me. I didn’t hang around to see. I’m not sure, but as I made it back to we’re I usually cut though to get to my unit, I saw a car, coming from the opposite direction of the one that had just possibly seen me. As I hid in the pine trees, I noticed it drove by slowly. I assume it was the car that may have spotted me, but not sure, just could be my imagination. Never the less, that was close.

I’m back in now, warming my feet up, replying in my mind the adventure of the evening. Hopefully the weather will stay decent so I can go back out for more, but meanwhile I have another possible place, a new place I’m working at. I possibly have some nude adventures there! I’m always looking for opportunities.