Jenni's Diary
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2021-12-03 01:03:23 (UTC)

Things are looking up

So thanksgiving was great. I had an amazing time with my family and being able to see my cousins and eat all that delicious food. I bought my sister the new OLED white switch which she has been wanting forever, and I am really happy that I was able to get it for her.
After my ex situation, things are starting to look up and be more positive. I had a tarot reading done I think two weeks ago and it said that it was time to let go of toxic people and once I let go , I will have more luck and positive outcomes after. I got a hired for a new job and I can leave my toxic department office job. I let go of Jesus cause It was a waste of time and energy and it was long overdue to let go of him. I am glad my life is becoming more positive and I feel more stable. I feel a bit more at peace. My ex voice from the meeting still taunts me in the back of my head but I am trying my best everyday to move on. It still sucks that he lives next door to me but I try to avoid him and just not make any eye contact with him.
I hope these positive vibes and peace continues into next semester cause I am gonna need it.
I made a study plan for my teacher certification and it made me realize it is gonna take me longer to study than I initially wanted but honestly it is what it is. I can't go back and change it. I originally was gonna study this semester but there was so much happening and I was honestly lazy but now it's grind time. I am going to study hard and make sure to pass my exams the first try. I am going to manifest passing my certification exams.

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