Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-11-29 22:19:49 (UTC)

I feel frustrated today it’s a ..

I feel frustrated today it’s a bad day my essay is still due on the 12th only all the tutors are gone and t is the only one who can help me will t help me idk
T is my social worker not a tutor
I don’t know if I can do the essay myself
I just feel so frustrated I can’t study I get distracted I hate art history aswell I’m taking the class to do drawing classes

I like t but don’t like she doesn’t understand the situation with my parents and kept leading me on that she was gonna help me with my essay she keeps calling extra credit I might of done it along time ago if she just said she couldn’t help me then the tutors would still be here idk what to do

I don’t want to blame her just telling the truth in the diary
I just feel so frustrated I don’t like depending on people but I know I’m not going to get it by myself

Somone told me to be me they sent me a msg on here I don’t completely know who that is I think Though there’s a identity problem somewhere I’m just depressed I guess mildly because I still type I take depression meds but they don’t work I need more I’m asking later on

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