Little lost girl

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2021-12-02 18:47:17 (UTC)

Good morning old friend, I ..

Good morning old friend, I know I haven't visited here much recently I've been going through a lot of soul-searching and a lot of reflection. Diary you've been my best friend my confidant My Secret Keeper. I don't know what I would have done without you this last year, I was falling apart piece by piece slowly dropping to the floor and I almost let every single piece go. Diary you probably were the one that saved me, you gave me the opportunity to reread my words recognize my pain, to see my faults, and no did I had secrets that nobody else knew. You kept me in a small piece of reality but it was big enough to keep me alive and I thank you. My friend you are not forgotten even though we haven't spoken so long. I'm here again, I am here again at this time I'm here to show you my progress and to show you what I'm doing to live life on life's terms. Yeah maybe it won't be so dramatic oh, maybe it won't be so exciting but also my friend it won't be so heartbreaking let's hope because I embark on a new adventure. This adventure is to take the hand of this little lost girl I found and show her where the path is she's going to walk with me she's not going to be alone and she won't be lost. Today is packing day comment I'm packing my stuff and on Saturday I drive off into a new adventure sometimes the adventure is filled with deja vu and sometimes the adventure comes full circle back to the place that you be long but that is the place I want to take that little lost girl can you play she belongs and I'm going to help her find it no matter what tireless relentless and fearless I love you diary

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