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2021-11-30 20:08:03 (UTC)

Prompt 143: If I Were POTUS

143. You've accepted the nomination to run for President of the United States! What are some of the features of your political platform? How will you convince your fellow Americans to vote for you?

Here's the Republican party's election plan (and it's pretty smart, regardless of the quality of their candidates):
1. Adopt the "buy out the lowest-population-but-just-as-many-Electoral-votes" plan to win elections.
2. Protest and demand a recount of every election you don't win.
3. Appoint Republican-sympathetic judges to as many posts as possible, so that when an election is disputed, you have arbiters already on your side.

So, you really don't need a decent platform to be elected President. And you don't need the majority of popular votes - just abuse the Electoral College. And most importantly, you don't need to follow through with your promises. So why don't I just follow the Republican method? I mean, even the most radical Democrat since Carter was "to the right of Eisenhower." I mean, come on. They haven't even tried to fix anything, and Biden's a joke, including his Cabinet of sycophants. Obama turned out just as wretched as Reagan. Nearly every president from Bush Sr. on is a war criminal. The worst kinds of people have been elected President of the USA in my lifetime.

Were I to follow this prompt in good faith however, I would need to establish some of my platform tenets. So here we go.

- Utility controls and rent controls for anyone who pays taxes and has a reported income of less than $50,000 per year single, $75,000 combined.
- Significant divestment from the defense budget to be re-allocated to education, infrastructure (including disaster response), public health (including mental health), public land, and labor. It's appalling just how much money goes into national defense, in comparison to other aspects of life in the US.
- Free tuition for all registered trade schools and pre-apprenticeship programs. Limited funding for other fields and colleges/universities is still available.
- Internet access classified as a public utility.
- Dept of Commerce disburses funds to states, where subsidies are issued to anyone with a qualified, organic-or-better "Victory Garden" plot.
- Re-write and reformation of automobile insurance, home insurance, and health insurance.
- Anti-trust, pro-labor, anti-collusion all the way. No private-controlled utilities, to include at the very least water, sewer, and electricity.
- Workers on strike are granted a guaranteed income for a certain period. Hmm... Let's say six months.
- Corporations found in violation of any Federal regulations, financial negligence or malfeasance, etc. will be fined equal to the average of the annual dividend awarded to their top 10 shareholders.
- If a corporation goes bankrupt for any reason, they are GONE. No more "too big to fail" bailouts, no exceptions. There is no more corporate safety net.
- Re-institution of a modified Civilian Public Service program. This would be the priority of the platform, emphasizing restoration of soil in all arable land. Enrollment priority would be awarded to military veterans and current enlistees.
- Agricultural subsidies awarded only to companies not publicly-traded.
- No more shitty healthcare for military veterans, ever. VA hospitals will be the envy of any nation, at any point in history. There's no excuse for any alternative.

In general, this platform will put the Federal government back to work, essentially being a socialist check against capitalist greed. It would be a rough first term, I admit it. But hey, go big or go home.

PS: ...Whew! I was really ranting there for a while, wasn't I?

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