Fake It Till You Make It
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2021-11-30 01:25:10 (UTC)

She ran out on The date...

This month, or rather the last week and a half at least seems to be dragging by at a snails paces and i'm just about to lose my mind over it, the up side is that today, or rather tomorrow, is the last day of November....but i bet it's going to be the longest slowest day and that i'm going to feel every minute of it....cause like that's how it works for me -_-

Today wasn't really a bad day just Really Busy and really long.
i spent a large amount of it painting the design i drew for my moms Business on these sheets of of wood because they have a float in this Christmas time parade thing this weekend.
and like i'm happy to help and i think that it's really cool actually that i drawing, a design that I made is whats's going to be on the float.
so proud moment for me.... but yeah so i took my drawing, put it on the computer hooked that to a projector, blew up the image traced it with pencil then over that with sharpie, and then painted the design and That was that, but it took some intracate work that took some time and then when i was finished with that i had the kids, then we went and surprised my dad with his new laptop for his sound system which was a process because my mom wanted to bring everyone and load up everyone in the car which meant getting the kids ready and loaded and then josh and his wheel chair and all that, it wasn't bad just takes time and energy and effort but then we came home and the kids went to bed, and i Played pubg, wrote my review of Adeles 25, and then just wanted to pop in and write a bit about today and tell this funny story.

So my dad goes and sings places, he was at this Dance, (basically this specific place is where a bunch of older people meet to listen to mostly country music and dance in this middle of nowhere little town( but like what else do you expect in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma where i live?) there is nothing here, anyway we were waiting outside this place to surprise my dad with his new laptop for his sound system equipment, and this lady comes out the door, and leaves in a hurry like ducks around us and doesn't really pause or say anything just leaves quickly and were were like thats a little weird but whatever we just shrug it off, and then a couple of minutes later this Guy come out (let it be noted these people are probably in their 60s to 70s) so he comes out the door and says he's looking for a woman and asks us if we saw anyone which we say a minute ago a woman came out the door and left and the guy makes a surprised and annoyed sound and says "She left? what?! that's not a good sign is it? There's never enough women to go around and then turns around and goes back inside, and i started laughing so hard cause he must have had a date with this woman, said or did something and she literally ran off on him and left the date..... and i was just like....well that a bit more drama than i expected from a seniors Dance......
but like Love is drama no matter how old you are...

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