2021-11-29 09:36:45 (UTC)

Divorced, now what? #5

(HISTORY) A Stranger

After leaving the in laws, I drove off to basically no where, no destination set in mind. I just drove. Jon was sound asleep in the back. Tomorrow was Christmas.

I came to a halt at a gas station, very deserted, very 'Wrong Turn' like. An older guy came to assist. He asked me where i was from and where to i was headed. I told him that i had no destination in mind. He then asked me, " Running from or running to?" and gave me a crooked smile. I gave him a ghost of a smile back. I wasn't sure.

We drove through the night. Around 4 am - ish, we pulled into this quaint little B&B/motel. I needed to freshen up and Jon needed to eat and a clean diaper. An older woman tend to the front desk, very polite and kind. She gave me the room key. Room 3. Entering the room, it was very neat and clean, fresh even. I put down what we had, which wasn't much, just Jon's diaper bag, i always have/had clean clothes in the back of the car. That was it. I ran a bath when i heard a knock on the door. I opened it and the lady from the front desk stood there. She asked if she can hold Jon. She lost her baby back in her days, when she was also in her twenties. Now in her sixties, she still long for her son. I told her that she can bath him if she wanted to.

The motel belonged to her late husband, he passed a few years back. He bought the motel for them as she always wanted to run a motel, she
didn't have any other children as she was diagnosed with cancer in her thirties. But recently in the process of adopting a baby girl as she was dropped of at the motel a few weeks back. She found out a week ago that the cancer has returned but refused treatment. She wanted to be with her husband and child.

As she bathed Jon, she asked where my husband was. I answered bluntly, "with another woman."
She asked me if that was the reason why i was running away. I told her my story, about Bass and what his father told me. She told me that a pretty face gets old, a nice body, saggy as hell, but a good woman will always be good but also, a man would only change for one woman and I ain't it. It hurt, but i know this is true. I needed someone to tell me, it.

She wrapped Jon up in his blanket and gave him to me. "Your son will be a good man, he is raised by a strong woman." I appreciated the words. I asked her about her daughter, she took my hand and led me to the back of the motel, where her daughter were. One of the cleaners babysat while Ava tended the front desk. A tiny little baby girl squealed when looking into her basket. ''The adoption agency is finalizing the papers, hopefully it will be done before my passing'' she said with a smile. "I always wanted to be a mother. This will give me a chance, even if it's only for a day."

I asked who will look after her when she is gone, she answered that she would probably go into the system, but atleast she can say that her mother passed away and not 'threw her away'. My heart melted. It was sweet.

As the day passes, Jon spend the day with Ava and her daughter and i helped her out tending the desk on Christmas day. As the day drew to an end, she told me that it was time for me to go home, to spend with my family and not an old woman. She gave me a hug and said thank you for her Christmas present. I told he that i didn't gave her anything, she said that i gave her glimpses of her son, what could've been, and that is all she ever wanted.

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