Fake It Till You Make It
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2021-11-29 02:00:54 (UTC)

Heavy is the head

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, or The lesson that my brother has had to learn about being the big boss in charge, to have the big name and the big reputation means that the load you carry is heavy, heavier than everyone else's because it all comes back to you.
I think that he's learning that reputation and name and money isn't everything and that there are so many more important things in life, like your soul, You life, your family and relationships, your character of heart.

He's facing a lot of changes and a lot of thoughts that are swimming around in his head and he trusts me, so i'm talking to him, staying up super late to have super deep conversations when i don't exactly feel well, just because i can, and he's here and we are together in close proximity for the first time in a very long time...and i don't want to miss the opportunity.
I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, or not realize that i'm sitting in my own answered prayers.

I'm tired, but happy.
Headachy, congested, maybe slightly feverish, (no i don't have covid) feel like my head is going to fall off both physically and mentally and emotionally now that i think about it,
But hey, it is a new week, a new day, it is November 29th as of two hours ago....soooo close to December.

I spoke to Tammy Today about the Suicide topic today, presented my case, brought all the proof for my opinion on the subject, was nervous and a little bit shaky but i did what was right and it was received well and i left that conversation with a good feeling and my head held high, regardless of what the board decides or where it goes from here or what is voted on, i Did this thing, and i did it well and i'm proud of that.
So today was a productive and good day over all, had that meeting, had church, came home had lunch, watched some Tik Toks and then took like a two hour nap which was glorious, had some weird dreams, then helped my mom paint these things for the Float that Heart 2 Heart is having in this Christmas time parade that's happening in a town near us, Made a Cherry crumb, (which i have been craving) basically a cherry dump cake, then ran to the store, picked up a few things for B and Josh and my parents, got back and watched Jungle cruise with Josh and Emma and B, and stayed up for like 3 more hours after talking with Josh and B the last hour just Josh and I.

Over all.... Feeling good.