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2021-11-27 19:50:53 (UTC)

Hanging with the rich and beautiful and other things😋

Been way too busy with work, play and gym. I have to work extra during my weekend or days off. Boo!!! I need to build something for the Lt Gov's office. Yup, for my State. I should be done by now but got pulled into something else at work so I now have to do it on my off hrs. So..I'm not liking it and my inner rebel is doing it's thing and procrastinating t.

The past week of gym sessions were brutal. Don't know why it was harder than normal but it wiped me out. My gym Sister didn't even show up today because she must've been hurting like I was. But I'm stupid and go even though my muscles were already hurting and of course, I still push hard even though almost my entire lower body was sore everywhere!!! I was hurting so much this morning that using the massager on my quads, hamstrings, and even my butt (haha) almost made me scream in pain. Then going to the gym like this and doing even more painful workouts when I'm already hurting, I can understand why some of my gym peeps didn't show up today. Squat jumps, sprints, side shuffles, stationary bikes, jump ropes, hip flexors, and other painful but forgotten stations really did me in. Went home and just sat on my sofa and I just went to sleep to help my body recover while I used the massager till I fell asleep. Woke up from my power nap but I know tomorrow will be even worse. Still, you gotta do what you gotta do to get the endorphins into me and it'll pay off physically in the long run.

I'm drifting now but I can't help but think about this homeless person from the other day. I went to the market for some Chinese food after gym. It gets dark sooner now so it was getting dark as I walked into the market and the temperature drops pretty quickly. As I walk into the entrance, I see this old dude outside with a cart with their belongings. Felt sorry for him. I saw him covered up so that they can be as warm as can be for the cold night to come. I ended up getting two plates of food and a can of beer for the homeless guy. I know the beer isn't helping him but I figure they probably haven't had a beer in a long time. So as I exit the store, I handed one of my plates and the big can of beer to this homeless dude. It was sad to hear a thank you from him because it wasn't a him, it was a her. Her face was so battle worn from the elements that I thought she was a man. I saddened me because instead of being in a little cottage or apt with a fireplace going, maybe knitting something or watch TV, she was out in the cold all alone. She could be someone's Grandma or Mom and she shouldn't be all alone but alone she was. I can't even imagine her life now. She was a kid once. She went to school. She was someone's daughter and now someone's Mom. All those thoughts went through my head as walked away from her I walking to my truck I already started remotely with the heater running so I can be nice and warm as soon as I got it. So as far as being thankful especially with Thanksgiving around the corner? Pffft!! I'm always thankful each and every day. Don't need Thanksgiving to remind myself to be thankful with what I have.

Now the party I went to last yesterday. The one I said was for the rich and beautiful. It was at the richer neighborhood. I saw the invite list. I only knew the host (from my gym) and one other gym friend that was going. The rest of them I didn't know. Then later, I found out the one gym friend I knew wasn't going to go. So only the host and her boyfriend were the only ones I'd know at the party. I almost didn't go but... my 1% theory I tell myself sort of made me go and you know what? I'm glad I went.

The house was so dang beautiful. It's in a city called El Dorado Hills. It belonged to my gym friend and her boyfriend that also goes to the gym. I've known her for years now and she plays with me on the gray area of friendship. Slightly flirting but keeping it just at the edge of our friendship. And that's ok. She's cute. They use her at the gym as a free advertisement putting her pic and short vid clips to get people to join the gym. Anyway, I got a tour of the home. They have three big screen TVs with the smallest at 75". I have one and the one I have is 75". Their other two is at least 85"!! Three car garage. Not two but three refrigerators. They have a fish tank. Nope, not 20 or 30 gallon but a 210 Gallon tank full of beautiful fishes. Haha. Even the fishes look rich and beautiful. I love their home.

I couldn't help but reflect on the home I lost that I had with my ex wife. All kinds of thought stirred into my head. All the coulda, shoulda, woulda stuff. If we only knew how to stay together, we'd still have the beautiful home. But nope. I couldn't cut it. If my American Indian GF and I was able to keep it together, our combined income would have been over 200K a year and while this isn't much to brag about nowadays, I'm sure we could have pooled together our resources and we too could have had a pretty good life. But that again is digressing and stupid. I know I know. Still can't help thinking it though as I looked around and see how awesome that place I was at. Even the hot water was awesome. As soon as I turned on the hot water to wash my hands, it was already hot. I asked and they told me they had a hot water system that already is in the piped to give instant hot water along with the hot water heater. This is what I was going to do to my house that I had before I lost it through my divorce. Yeah, it got me a little down for my oh so checkered past. Feel like a simp feeling a little sorry for myself. I did get it together because it was a party after all.

After my tour of the house, I sat down at the dinner table with the people already there. Just 1/2 a dozen of us early ones. Two of them were women and later I found out they were single. So here was my chance. Not gym members so this gives me the green light. One of them was a women in her early 40s. The other was a single Mom in her mid 30s if I were to guess. A few other guys were there too. I watched and listened to get a feel of the atmosphere. The one guy was single and for whatever reason, he was mentioning finding a foreight bride. Hmph!! Weird but ok. The older woman said she was a member of the gym we go to (host, and I) but didn't like it because the coach was an ass. Told her there are other gyms so she could go to those instead. She said she didn't like the traffic going/coming from the gym. Told her she could go to other times at the gym close to her because there are multiple coaches in a gym. At least 4. But then again, she said the coach she "hates" seem to be the one that is there when she goes. I told her perhaps she should think of the goal for herself and not worry so much about the coach. She again had a negative remark about that. That's how it was pretty much all night long with her. Just all the negativity. She fits that profile of a 40 something full of spite and hate. Negative aura for sure and I kept conversations with her to a minimum for the rest of the night.

We got to discuss the food that was there and my host I found invited me and this other lady because we can bring good dishes. This other lady (30 something) said she likes to bake and she brought over some awesome deserts. I had my smoked ham and hawaiian mac salad. Both our dishes were the rave of that night's meal. I gave my cute host a pretend stink eye accusing her of inviting the people that can cook. :) Grumpy lady brought over something in little white foam containers and it tasted blah... just like her. hehe. As the hrs passed, we talked about ourselves, our jobs, our hobbies, etc, etc. During that time, I was caught staring at the 30 something lady and I caught her looking at me too. Attraction? Yeah, maybe a little. That is, until she got up to go to the kitchen for seconds of my mac salad. Only then did I notice her height because I got up for food too. She was I'm guessing 5'10"!!! I am 5'6" in the mornings. hehehe. So yeah, I knew my chances went down drastically. Unless she somehow was into spinners. haha. We still had fun though. I was glad I went. I got to finally socialize without the constraints of not dating a gym member.

Sunday 3:40 PM.
I got interrupted and forgot to post my post. Jenny called crying last night asking me if she if I thought she was a good person. Obviously, she had another argument with her dude. So I made sure I said things that made her feel better and to not worry about it. Give it a few days and cooler heads will come around. Then we she felt better, I know what to say to make her laugh. We still think alike and I know her as good as she knows me. When she was feeling better, I knew she'd be able to sleep without anymore crying and let her go to sleep.

Anyway, I'm on my computer because I have a work project to complete. Sigh.. Still, life is good. Got my coffee ready to go. My legs still hurting as if I just worked out. Getting in and out of my truck right now is a challenge. hehe. I'm using a massager that I swear came from hell it's hurting me so bad!! 😱