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me and my life
2021-11-28 07:42:24 (UTC)

Life has changed

Yes.. whatever I dreamt of has come true. For me am back at work is the biggest thingy right now. I have a purpose to wake up, I don't feel useless, I'll earn money, and most imp and independent. Wow.... i always belived ill get this on right time and I got it.

Life has changed because I give importance to myslef now. Also am very clear about it to my family that I cannot run after them now and then. Ill have to check on my work atleast for the time am settling with my work. I dont know how am gonna manage with sis in the hospital but ill have to anyhow. Today is a Sunday but am working. And am happy about it haha maybe because its new...
Am excited! Also excited to know whats stored in the future now I have to wait for my sapno ka raaj kumar hahaha am sure that day is not far too....
R is really cooking my brains these days. He makes stupidest jokes and its kinda irritating. I really dnt find it funny at all. He has become too comfy with me so maybe hehehe... i dnt get to give him.much time am glad am using my time wisely at my work.
My biggest stress has gone off my shoulder. Thanks to jyoti too she is a good person I owe her for this. Ill surely treat her with a meal and a gift as a gratitude.
Ok cyaaa