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2021-11-27 23:29:52 (UTC)

Reviewing 30 By Adele

I like going though albums and giving my opinion on the songs, what i think of them on a scale of 1-10 and what the best lyric in each song is, and tonight i'm going to be going though Adele's 30, this will be my first listen though so it's my first gut reaction.

1. Strangers by nature (4/10)
"I've never seen the sky this color before it's like i'm noticing everything a little bit more
now that all the dust has settled, i rebut all my rebuttals no one know's what its like to be us"

2. Easy On me (7/10)
"There ain't no room for things to change when we are both so deeply stuck in our ways
You can't deny how hard I've tried i changed who i was to put you both first but now i give up"
"I had good intentions and the highest hopes but i know right now it probably doesn't show"

3. My little love (6/10)
"My little love tell me do you feel the way my past aches, when you lay on me do you hear the
way my heart breaks?"

4. Cry your heart out (5/10
"When i wake up i feel afraid of the idea of facing the day i would rather stay home on my own
and drink it all away, please stop calling me it's exhausting there's really nothing left to say
i created this storm it's only fair i have to sit in it's rain"

5. Oh my God (7/10)
"I'm a fool but they all think i'm blind, I'd rather be a fool than leave myself behind
i don't have to explain myself to you, i'm a grown woman and i do what i want to do.

6. Can i get it (8/10)
"pave me a path to follow and i'll tread any dangerous road i will beg and steal and barrow
if i can make it, if i can make your heart my home"

7. I drink wine(9/10)
"Listen i know how low i can go, i give as good as i get, you get the brunt of it all cause
you're all I've got left Oh i hope in time we both will find, sometimes the road less traveled
is the road best left behind, well i hope i learn to get over myself, stop trying to be someone
else oh i just wanna love you, love you for free, yeah cause everyone want's something from
me, you just want me"

8. All night parking (7/10)
"I don't know how you got though to me i'm so cold it's all happening so easy Like oh my god
It's so hard to digest usually i'm best alone but every time you text i want to get on the next flight
home and dream next to you all night long"

9. Women like me(3/10)
"But loving you was a break though i saw what my heart could really do, now some other man will
get the love i had for you, cause you don't care"

10. Hold on (8/10

"I swear to God i'm such a mess, the harder i try i regress, I'm my own worst enemy, Right now i truly hate being me
everyday feels like a road i'm on might just open up and swallow me whole how do i feel so mighty small when I'm
struggling to feel at all"

11. To be loved 10/10
"It's about time that i faced myself all i do is bleed into someone else painting walls with my secret tears
filling rooms with my hopes and fears but oh, oh my i'll never learn if i never leap, i'll always yearn if i never speak
To love and be loved at the highest count means to lose all the things i can't live without.

12. Love is a game (7/10)
"All your expectations of my love are impossible surely you know i'm not easy to hold it's so sad how incapable of
learning to grow i am, my heart speaks in puzzles and codes i've been trying my whole life to solve"

That's all for now, i think i'll work backwards and do every Adele Album, and if you have one in mind i should review. i will.

Over all.... A lot of feels in this one, but it's Adele so i'd expect nothing less.