Fake It Till You Make It
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2021-11-27 00:57:01 (UTC)

Walks And Lack Of Sleep.

I'm Cold and i'm Tired.
But such is how life is when it hits winter time.
i went for a long walk today from like 4:30 Till 5:30, watched the sunset on the edge of town cause i'd walked from my house to the very edge of town by the Highway.
That was good in the sense that i walked, got out, spent some time in the sun, which as always around this time of year i start mourning the sun, i'd much prefer it be light out until 9:00pm than be dark at 6:00 the ways it is in the wintertime, and i'm not complaining, there are many things i like about this time of year, but that is NOT one of them.

I've not really been sleeping well, i thought if i walked it might help to wear out my body (though i'm never not feeling tired as of late) but that's not helping my lack of sleep, i take my Melitonin and then i toss and turn and when i do manage to doze, i wake up repeatedly and i'm dreaming alot which also makes it feel like i'm not really resting... i guess it's just a phase, i think it's just my body trying to deal with the time and weather changes. i don't know.

Thanksgiving came and wen't it's almost December which makes me really happy.
Tomorrow is Saturday, which is great, but also means i'm a day closer to having to deal with reality again haha.
i can hear my room mate down the hall talking on the phone sooo loudly haha. it's literally 1. in the morning like chill.
Not that i'm asleep myself but i soon will be trying to be, and i hope she's quieted down by then.
first world problems.

For now i'm going to try to sleep while i feel like i can...wish me luck.

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