Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-11-26 22:49:34 (UTC)

It’s 549 I didnt do much today ..

It’s 549 I didnt do much today I was going see the cathedral for school but it’s closed i now need to see my next free time to see the museum
I work tommorow I fell asleep at home but before had a meeting with t social worker she said I have to wait to see if everything’s okay before I go Christmas shopping i need to shop for Christmas and buy more sweaters and long sleeve shirts she called it “adulting” but it’s more like my whole life I just want more money but don’t wanna work for it in the job I currently have also I have school

I want to be better but I’m not sure I can be I want to talk to my therapist about how vulnerable I feel how I wish to respect myself but I just end up being around my family for comfort how I feel I can’t do much and the rest I feel I rarely can do which is why my house is often a mess

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