2021-11-25 15:23:59 (UTC)


I now have to make a concerted effort not to speak, I don't think that's going to be so bad, considering roomie takes everything I say as an insult; not sure that he just doesn't like the sound of my voice and I'm really not concerned. Couple of days ago, I stayed in the bedroom all day, left only to relieve myself or grab something to eat; that will not become the new reality until I leave. Should roommate decide he wants to speak to me, he'll be talking to himself. Got better things to do with my time than play Jekyll to his Hyde, I will be avoiding him like the plague and chomping at the bit until my Son gives me the go-ahead. Meanwhile...
It seems that whatever I find myself doing will be repeated by my roomie, I dyed my beard dark brown, as opposed to the reddish color everyone else wants to sport, a youthful appearance is the desired result. I bought "Blue Magic" Coconut oil for my beard, found a container of it in the bathroom and thought it belonged to me, wonder if he'll follow me if I start skipping through the apartment singing "Bringing in the sheaves"? Consistently feeling crowded, the only things not in this room are in the portion of the freezer and refrigerator I use, good thing I can manage with little and nothing, must be that military training? I hope to resolve the 401k issue this coming week, I'll need to skate alone tomorrow and see if the kids want to come with me on Saturday, they'll need to bring something to snack on; the food is exceptionally expensive; two orders of Nacho's for $20.
They're trying to make up for the lack of customers, I'm thankful I never buy anything there, I can wait until I get back to my place and think I'll prepare a clam and cheese omelette with a touch of pickle relish. I've noticed a few of the girls are trying to skate on their toes, balance is the key, if you're in tune with yourself; all things are possible. I don't worry about what people see when they look at me, I don't care what they think about what I do, it's quite amusing to have set/created a style; my goal is to lose myself in the motion of the moment! Ultimately I pour on the speed and begin the laps, last Saturday I did 5 1/4 miles n 2.25 hrs, burning 802 calories; my average speed-2.3 mph/max speed-10.7mph.
Think I'll try for 10 miles tomorrow night, soon as I arrive I'll get to it, when I hit 5 miles; I'll do form and get back to speed when I've relaxed. Maybe I'll take the kids to the movies this weekend, I'll check to see what's playing and we'll go from there!
I've been sitting at the desk for hours, meant to read Quran, sort through paperwork; prepare my skates and manage an entry here. Well I've started one of those things, all the unnecessary strife wears on me and my plants absorb some of that energy, I'm glad they show no ill effects; my orchid should bloom soon and I think it's the only one that will flower! I've got 5 different types of plants, I love the color they lend to my space and watching them mature, watching them I am at peace, even when discomfort returns. I'll be early to the rink tomorrow, I'm sure they'll let me in, I really need the serenity the exertion provides; I'm wondering if the concession has coffee. I can drink coffee 24 hrs a day and still lay down to sleep immediately, no idea why the caffeine has no effect on me, but I'll take it and run.
My Brother saw my beard and commented, he liked it, I just thought I'd send him a box of the stuff I used; roommate thinks it's the henna that produced my results and he's wrong. Henna has the tendency to leave your hair reddish, I wasn't crazy about that, my Brother's hair is reddish naturally and I believe I'll send him 2 boxes of the "Just For Men." 1 will be light brown and the other will be dark brown, I didn't bother to read much of the box before using it, I experienced no ill effects at all and the entire procedure took 5 minutes; my beard is still dark after a full week. I believe I did this before I picked up my Grandkids!.
I'm grateful my Wife is taking our divorce seriously and peacefully, I'm hoping not to hear from her again, she contacted me by email and I have no idea how to block that avenue!

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