Ruby’s healing journey
2021-11-26 01:00:42 (UTC)

Thanks giving diary

Decided I didn’t want to see my parents on thanksgiving And my extended family all day so ended up spending almost 100 dollars on food and eating it at my place by myself it turned out okay but I couldn’t cook the fake chicken I bought(I’m almost vegan)
I listened to music all day yesterday I had this dream about Taylor swift and last night I had this dream about Pokémon I do like Pokémon but am actually not into Taylor swift besides the song willow

Anyway I though it would be nice and it is a break but it’s not the best I was scared about cooking the chicken by myself because I saw someone catch fire to a chicken before though it’s fake I can open the sparkling water bottle and I believe I might have nothing that can open it possibly a marker but that’s it also out because it say to thaw the fake chicken in the fridge I’m confused if just putting in the fridge is thawing it or not

I also played Pokémon cafe game

It’s 10 43 I am going to ask my therapist to adjust my meds because I think I need more and to give me tremor meds next time I talk to him

I really want to see my therapist and psychstrist I want to talk about my t about how I feel I need to be comforted 247 and so go to my family for that and that I think I’m codependent with my parents and I’m too depressed to do much I’m just trying
I will see my family later on but trying to move forward to not seeing them again

Btw ever try soy milk with cinnamon taste great if you have problems eating other stuff though for thanksgiving I just let myself