username: paradox: huma

diaryname: paradigm : coi
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2021-11-25 23:12:02 (UTC)

Frame of referencing blunders

To compensate for the compensation of deprivation and humiliation but my grasp on definitions isn’t accurate enough to explain the feelings needing to be conveyed throughout my moments of waking life and dream states. So I swim in the waters of my own perceived warmth but like the transformers say: more than meets the eye, of the beholder that sits inside of observational humor and shame. Taking away from my ego is what comes naturally to the biology of fundamental forces of repulsion. Painting an image that doesn’t display itself in the light of perception shouldn’t take away from the efforts placed inside perpetual potential of a soul submerged in negative charge.

The futuristic past presents itself patterns, laws, theories, conjectures, and imagination. But my limitations only allow for me to etch a sketch behind my own visions.