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2021-11-25 21:37:36 (UTC)

Guessing Astrological Signs: Shaun Of The Dead Characters

I'm guessing all the characters, except for Shaun and Ed because I already guessed their signs in previous entries. Also, I'm only guessing sun and moon signs:

Sun: Libra
Moon: Capricorn
Liz is very fair, as in when she says that she sees what David was trying to say, even if he was being a twat about it. Lol. I think Libras usually try to be fair. I probably made her moon sign Capricorn out of bias because I think she's cool. Lol.

Sun: Cancer
Moon: Leo
David is kind of a whiny crybaby (sorry Cancers - It's just a bad stereotype of this sign!) and is a bit full of himself and competitive (with Shaun - thus, Leo moon. Again bad stereotypes! Of course, competitiveness is not always bad, but he's constantly trying to make Shaun look bad!).

Sun: Sagittarius
Moon: Sagittarius
I don't know why, but enjoying theatre seems like a Sagittarius thing. Also, Dianne is pretty outgoing. I could have made her a Leo for the obvious reason of her being an aspiring actress, but instead I gave her a different fire sign.

Sun: Pisces
Moon: Pisces
She's very much in her own world, but also a sensitive, kind caring soul.

Sun: Scorpio
Moon: Virgo
Oddly enough, I gave him the coolest sun and moon sign (in my personal opinion - Virgo moons are exceptionally cool - Aaliyah [R.I.P.] and Pewdiepie as a couple of examples), even if he's not a particularly cool character. I don't dislike him - He's somewhat interesting. Here is why: He has a certain slight intensity to him, which is Scorpio, for sure. He has quite biting remarks to Shaun near the beginning of the movie, which is Virgo energy.

Sun: Aries
Moon: Virgo
I really didn't know what to choose for the moon sign. I just went with Virgo because he tells Shaun to "sort his fucking life out." Sounds like a Virgo thing to say. Lol. I went with Aries sun because he's a bit of a hothead. Lol.

Sun: Aries
Moon: Aries
She's energetic, optimistic, enthusiastic and a natural born leader.
(I could only find Liz and Pete)

May 19th, 1973
8 in numerology
Sun: Taurus
Moon: Sagittarius -or- Capricorn
Okay, she is very grounded. Taurus makes sense. I think her moon sign would be Sagittarius because she wants to do more new and exciting things and breaks up with Shaun over the fact that he doesn't.

August 14th, 1969
2 in numerology
Sun: Leo
Moon: Virgo
Wow. I was close! His sun sign is a fire sign and I guessed Virgo for his moon sign!