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2021-11-25 19:07:47 (UTC)

Counter-Balancing the Uncomfortableness

A somewhat boring entry ahead...

I am not a fan of this holiday for many reasons; however, I am trying to put myself just a bit out of my comfort zone by spending a little bit of time with my immediate family, but I am also incorporating some time for my own curious explorations to counter-balance the uncomfortableness.

I did a bit of research on archetypes, and I am pretty sure I am what Jung would refer to as the Sage archetype. I also have a bit of the Explorer archetype in me as well, so I will probably play around a bit with those and their shadow sides in the near future and see what happens. I was also reading about archetypal symbols, and one that always stands out as interesting to me is the sunset. I am typically more drawn to sunsets than I am sunrises, although I do enjoy both. Spiritually, a sunset is the bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness, so I thought that was rather cool to learn. I also like the focus on sunsets being about cycles, and since no sunset is ever the same, the idea that change is always ongoing seems also relevant.

Aside from the archetype research, I also found myself comfortably anesthetized by videos of the LockPicking Lawyer. I can appreciate a good problem solver, although I am not as competent a problem-solver as I would like to be. I do admire his motivation though, and while it doesn't seem to be connected to what I am talking about, it kind of is because he took a personal passion and decided to develop it, share it, and teach it to others. I just have to figure out a personal passion I can share (beyond my vocation) that will help me do the same. I had an idea the other day of creating a personal library to host our spiritual reading book club with Cat's help, which might be doable. I was also thinking about making vision boards of the books I plan to highlight. It's just an idea...

Either way, I am at this point in my life where anything is possible, so let's see what develops. I saw this quote by Edmund Hillary that I will share for today: "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves." If there is anything I am grateful for today, it is to finally have the opportunity (and the privilege) to focus on this process more in-depth. :)

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