If I die today
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2021-11-25 11:24:16 (UTC)


I dont quite understand the history or backstory to thanksgiving all the way . Its remarkable yes but this is a "holiday" I can tolerate. The idea of giving thanks and all is cool. I do like turkey. While I exspect this year to be loaded with akwardness I guess this is okay. I dont intend to drink and still wondering about smokig here reall soon before we leace for my stomach but I'm undecided. last night we did have a drink I had mikes hard lemonade andnDea had a beer. so I'm uncertain if mikes has barely in it or not but I"m alive. Smoked last night as well to relax and keep my stomach settled. im still finishing the lemonsmac. Anyhow yChriss what dead silent for like 2days noone could reach her until late this morning and she is supposed to be the cook anyhow now things are going as planned but a little panic this morning I guess cause thats outta the usual and people were worried about her she has not offered up an exsplation. Very odd and unusaul. What can you do shes an adult. Anyhow guess thats the scoop we should be leaving here within like the hour so no point in making this a drag on writing. momanddad are sick moms text said that so thats kinda sad mom more head/sunus dad stomach so they arnt doing anything they had plans with dads sister but they are hme sick instead. my left side face sinus head area is kinda sore so whatever. anyhow we are gettin ready to leave.