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2021-11-24 11:30:57 (UTC)

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving! I am going to a firehall tonight some friends of mine invited me to. I usually like to just stay home on holidays like this as all my family is out of state but I am trying to be a more sociable. This shouldn't be that bad. Besides..who doesn't like totally awkward situations being around other peoples families you don't know. Lets see, I became one of those people I used to make fun of..yes...I put my Christmas tree and decorations up a week before Thanksgiving arrived. What was I thinking. Probably that the trees (fake trees) would sell out fast. I got a 6.5 foot tree for 38 bucks. Its pretty sweet. Has all the lights already on it. I put garland all in it spiraling to the top and candy canes. There's also some blue and some white glass small glass ornaments and three other ones. One is a creepy nutcracker, one is a small lantern that lights up, and the other looks like a deer head with garland around it. It actually looks like one of those heads of a deer that are shot and stuffed then hung on the wall. Yea...its a tiny replica. Oh wait. I also have one more. Its a reindeer but its antlers are missing. I got it on sale. I will just call that a dog ornament instead. This morning I am working on my homework (I lied..I've been playing guitar) and then I will work on my website a bit (aka..practicing my guitar still). Have a freakin wonderful day.

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