My secret life
2021-11-25 17:23:02 (UTC)

Thanksgiving nude

Today is thanksgiving day, and even though it was cloudy, and a bit cool out, I went out for a three minute stroll. The reason for such a short outing, (in the nude of course) is it was just sun up, and I have been wanting to document my outdoor adventures with some pictures, well actually a video. It being light out, plus possibilities of people being up, I was limited to where I went.

I set my phone up to record a video of my adventure, leaving it set on my patio door step. I walk along the back side of the complex, be observant of windows and doors for anyone. It wasn’t one of my longer walks, but mainly one that I could finally document being outside naked. I usually document my indoor events in houses, (other than mine) but this is my first outside. Hope to possibly document more areas in the future.

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