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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-11-25 14:13:20 (UTC)


Today and every day I feel a great sense of gratitude. My life in not what I've might of dream of 20 yrs ago but is a lot better than what I dreamed. I am grateful for the friends that became family, the family that became friends. The habit of giving thanks has stuck with me all my life, from the first mass service my grandmother would take me to, to give thanks to the last time I saw my brother alive. This celebration may not be part of the culture here where I live but it is something my family and I have celebrated given our English roots. And today they all get together to celebrate and feast together. I will eat with my husbands family but for a diffrent reason my mother in laws 72nd bithday. I love this woman she is very kind hearted and we share a lot of things in common, like the love for her son and her grandchildren.
So even though I might not have a thankgiving dinner today, I'm hoping to be able to bake one a day after tomorow and have a couple of friends over. A lot of things are happening this weekend, I have a lot of information to upload on my website for my online bussiness. And I'll be getting all my new items on friday, super excited about this I enjoy making videos and sharing about the essencial oils.
I hope all those of you who have a family to share this festivity with, that you all have a wonderful day and know how blessed you truly are.