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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-11-25 10:29:02 (UTC)

Tis The Season! ❤️

Listening to: Baby, I am - David Dover
"You know you are over 30 when the music you use to clean your house so is the same music you use to get drunk to" haha
Good Morning!🌧
Again the above song was on my mind all day yesterday and when I woke this morning. I absolutely love it!❤️
We are under a snow squall watch.. I am not ready for the snow!!❄️
I could sleep the day away lol. Rainy days do that. I slept deep when I actually fell asleep. My puppy could not get close enough and kept nudging closer and closer which made me unable to get comfortable. Whatever the king wants, the king gets haha. I fell asleep eventually and slept deeply but I am still tired. I had so many dreams last night about the future. I put the notepad back beside my bed so I can write about some of these dreams.

As I stated, it's a rainy day. Just work this morning for a few hours so not too bad. I will have to keep the caffeine flowing lol. I don't have anything planned today otherwise. I have to hit the grocery store at some point.

Christmas baking will begin soon. I make tins of goodies every year and take them to friends and families. I use to drop off platters at the nursing home but now with the pandemic, they are being extremely careful. I will have to see if they are allowing that again. I have so many baked goods pinned on Pinterest to make plus all my usual. I just need to go to the Dollarama to pick up the large Christmas tins to hand them out. I love doing these types of things. My house is already decorated and my tree is up. I am trying to get myself into the Christmas spirit. I love the Christmas season. Not necessarily Christmas day as opposed to the whole season. I love to give, spend time with family. I love the Christmas lights on the tree as I am watching my Hallmark Christmas movies. It's perfect!

I have been debating if I am going Black Friday shopping here in Canada tomorrow. I am a bit afraid, to be honest, lol. People can be pushy and the deals aren't quite as good as they are in the USA. We do get deals, just not the amazing deals we use to get when we would cross the border into Michigan or Buffalo. I may do some online Christmas shopping, however. I am slowly chipping away at Christmas and I want to be done come to the end of Nov or early Dec.

Ok, I should get motivated for the day!

Have a beautiful day!💜

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