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2021-11-25 04:00:00 (UTC)

pointless things about me

i’m sad a lot
i find small gestures cute and important
i cry over little things
i rely on other people too much
i fall in love quickly but trust slowly
my favorite color is blue/purple
my favorite animal is a shark or ferret
i have no life
i have very little friends
i feel alone a lot
i have have a lil crush
i sleep a lot to waste hours during the day
i have insomnia
i hate loud nosies
people yelling scares me
i don’t trust a lot of people
i have trust issues
i haven’t dated a lot of people
i draw sometimes
^ im not good at drawing ^
i take pinky promises very seriously
i get my feelings hurt easily
i’m fat
i don’t like talking to people
i live in an online world
my back always hurts
i try to help everyone i see (sometimes too much)
i always have a headache
i hate being touched
my heart is fragile
i hate seafood
i’m always tired
i like funky socks
i’m not very important.